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Meet the wildlife that call 464 Ranch home

Landowners will enjoy sharing this securely-gated, manicured property with the exotic wildlife
that roam throughout.

Whitetail Deer

One of the most iconic big game species in North America, the Whitetail deer, can be found roaming the 464 Ranch community.

Blackbuck Antelope

Blackbuck Antelope have impressive horns that twist one to four times along their length and graze around patches of low brush.


Like a small fox, the Ringtail is a cat-sized member of the raccoon family. Wholly nocturnal, they are expert climbers who den in crevices and hollow trees.

Fallow Deer

One of 464 Ranch’s most beautiful species are the spotted, white, and chocolate Fallow deer who enjoy feeding in open, grassy areas of the community.

Axis Deer

Enjoying cooler Hill Country temperatures and plenty to eat, this exotic deer species can often be spotted grazing along the abundant oak tree lines.

Wild Turkeys

Known for their dark band and cream tail feathers, Rio Grande gobblers can be found in the open fields and tall roost trees, balanced throughout the property.

Gray Fox

With its rare canine ability to climb, Gray Fox dens are often found above, in the oak trees. You may also spot them near rock crevices and undisturbed brush.

Largemouth Bass

The soft-water ponds throughout 464 Ranch have low alkalinities and moving water — a suitable home for 464’s Largemouth bass residents.


Often seen along the pond shorelines, the dove population of 464 Ranch enjoy the thoughtful balance of mixed brush and mature trees.

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Less than an hour from Austin and San Antonio, 464 Ranch is close to the big city, but just far enough away with convenient access to wineries, shopping, groceries, seven State Parks, live music and more.